Hiya! I'm Maja

I help busy professionals...

Transform their bodies from the inside out so that they have the energy they need to slay their day!


Take My Adrenal Stress Level Quiz

Stress is the number 6 cause of death in the United States, which unfortunately means that most people are suffering from some form of adrenal dysfunction.

If you're having a hard time sleeping, anxiety or unexplained weight gain, more than likely your adrenals are a part of the problem. 

Different stages of dysfunction require a different approach to heal.

My short quiz allows you to discover your particular stage of adrenal function without spending hundreds of dollars on diagnostic labs or time going to the Dr.


Get to know me...

I'm a metabolic health coach and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. A fancy way of saying that I use clinical labs to analyze your blood, urine, stool, hair, etc to figure out why you're feeling burned out, exhausted and sick.

I then use those lab results to create tailored, bio-individual protocols to reverse your symptoms because life's too short to feel like crap.

My super power? I see things in others that they don't see in themselves.

I'm here to give you permission to take care of yourself first, to give you the space and grace to take action and to give you the plug & play system for feeling the best you've ever felt in your body.

Why have I dedicated my life to this?

Simple. I'm placing my bets on ambitious professionals, just like you, to make the world a better place. 

Maja, FDN-P

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Adrenal Detox™

A 90 minute workshop for burned out professionals, looking to get their energy back. I give you 4 easy things that you can implement over the course of 4 weeks so that you can have the energy you need to slay your day.

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Next Level™

Are you ready to work together 1:1 for 60 days? I run 6 baseline clinical labs to figure out what your healing opportunities are and then I use those labs to create a tailored protocol to reverse your symptoms.

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Inside Out Protocol™

A 90 minute workshop that gives you the 6 step scientific protocol that's helped over 554 busy women transform their bodies, without losing their sanity over crazy workouts, diets they hate and overcomplicated plans.



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Her program has allowed me to be more present and more connected to everything in life. It's helped me reduce stress and finally get a good nights' sleep. I used to think I had to do all the things to be happy with my body and now I feel joy every single day. Most importantly, I trust my body and what it's telling me. 

~ Susanne 

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Maja's programs are not a "quick fix", which is amazing because they are a permanent solution to healing your relationship with food. I now understand why every diet I tried, set me up to fail. The Inside Out Protocol freed me from my obsession with food and gave me space and energy to grow my business.

~ Jenna

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Let's Take Your Health to the Next Level! 

This is an invitation to busy professionals, who have tried everything to get healthy, and are desperate to feel better because none of it has worked. 

You're ready for a comprehensive plan, driven by clinical lab results, that's tailored to your specific metabolic needs. 

We work together for 60 days over 4 phases. By the end of the 60 days you will have:

  • An understanding (driven by lab results) of which systems need healing
  • Begun stabilizing your blood sugar
  • Created a sleep hygiene plan
  • Reset your circadian rhythm
  • A long-term plan for healing

The goal of Next Level is to create and begin implementing a tailored plan that reverses your symptoms once and for all!

Click the button below for a detailed description of the program and simply send me a DM to see if this is a good fit for you.


Featured Posts

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My feature in Forbes! Here's a truth bomb: You can act like a healthy person when you have the identity of a healthy person, and this is why you're stuck in the cycle of starting a wellness plan, having an "eff it" moment and then quitting. 

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Everyone talks about the importance of a morning routine, so you gave it a shot. Fast forward 3 weeks and that routine has long gone out the window. I'll tell you why and show you how to fix it with my Identity Perfect Morning Method™

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It's nuts how so many entrepreneurs are suffering from energy crashes, weight gain and insomnia. In an effort to feel better, they try the Ketogenic Diet or fasting, which as it turns out are two of the WORST thing you can do.